Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013 Review and Pictures

Goodwood FoS has become one of, if not the, biggest motoring car show in the world. As somebody who has attended Goodwood Festival of Speed for the past 5 years, I have noticed changes: both positive and negative. Within this article, accompanied by many pictures (which I am sorry if they are not perfect as I am not a photographer!) is my review of this year's Festival of Speed.

In the past years, I have always found that the best day to go is on Saturday. This is because this is the day most celebrities turn up and the famous hill climb is actually timed. However, this year, I went for a change and went on Sunday. Unfortunately, Sunday had my car recording temperatures of roughly 30 degrees to a maximum of 34! This made it extremely difficult to do every part of the motor show.

I have found in recent years too that the climb up the hill through the forest is not worth it. The main section of the show is at the start of the hill climb, the car companies buildings scattered around and the F1 paddock.

Goodwood Festival of Speed is also notorious for its traffic getting into the car park. For a quick tip, I have found coming in from the North is much much easier since the traffic coming in from the North is far less and the traffic is located much closer to the entrance.

Goodwood claim to limit the amount of tickets they sell each year which I find hard to believe. It does feel that each year, it is getting more packed. Putting this aside, this year lived up to expectations and the fact that they managed to get a Vulcan do a fly by was amazing. On Sunday, a Eurofighter Typhoon showed off it's manoeuvrability over the North car park which made it great for taking pictures while eating lunch!

Overall, Goodwood's Festival of Speed is a great day out for anyone interested or not interested in Motorsport. There are lots of facilities to explore and restaurant/cafe areas to eat and drink at with there also being shops. The fact that the public can get to so many famous cars makes it a motor show the likes that the world has not seen before. It is truly a unique experience.

The start line at Goodwood FoS

This car liked to please the fans with a huge burnout.

This is the famous Babs land speed record car which has been restored after being buried for more than 44 years

Look at the camber on this car!

An old Bentley Speed 6 4.5 litre

Them exhausts mean business!

A beautiful Ferrari 250 GT

The lightning quick Ariel Atom

The front to the Jaguar Project 7

Rear to the Jaguar Project 7

Aston Martin do know how to make a nice looking car

AMG tuned Mercedes

Another beautiful looking Ferrari

Ferrari engine

Lamborghini Aventador 

Pagina Huayra

Peugeot Onyx with copper sides
Peugeot Onyx

One of Mclarens previous Formula One cars (2009)

Front wing to Mclaren Formula 1 car

Rear to Mclaren Formula One car

Mclaren's all newly released P1

The Mclaren P1's stats
The center piece of Mclaren at Goodwood

A close up view of exhausts are always nice to look at!

Chris Evans' Aston Martin DB5

20 years of Goodwood

One of the best looking cars ever - Jaguar E-Type

This year's statue consists of three Porsches.

A faint glimpse at Nico Rosberg putting his fireproof clothing on

From Audi's Hospitality Area
The Eurofighter Typhoon Display

Panoramic view of the car park

Range Rover experience

Steering wheel of a Red Bull F1 car

Stirling Moss giving an interview

Panoramic view of the F1 paddock

A quick glimpse of Bruno Senna